The Development Of A Childs Brain

The Development Of A Childs Brain

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Our brains are significant things that have a world of potential and so much that have yet to be understood. The brain can take a quarter of your life still developing and maturing. It will continue to learn new things even in old age. The capacity of our brains and its potential power is still being revealed to us today. It’s an amazing thing. Let’s dive into the child’s brain development and what doctors understand about brain development thus far.

From the fetus growing in their mother bellies to the first few years of life, the brain is hard at work creating it’s basic functionalities at a very quick pace. By age four the primary senses, vision, and motor skills are fully developed. Walking, feeding themselves, etc.

At age six Continue reading

Important Infant Illnesses To Understand

Important Infant Illnesses To Understand

New parents are all too excited about their little one’s first years. They ready themselves with cute outfits, headbands, and booties. They plan the first birthday party and plan playdates with their friend’s babies as well.

I think there are some things that we all might not want to anticipate which is why we don’t educate ourselves as parents. Like the potential illnesses, our little babies can contract and some that are inevitable. If you are aware of these illnesses, you will be ready to handle them as they come. And as for the more dangerous illnesses, you too will know exactly what to do if the signs show true. Don’t fret new parent, you got this! Continue reading

Bringing Up Boys

Bringing Up Boys

As a mother raising girls, it can be quite easy. You are able to recollect memories from your younger days to help you make some parenting decisions. But unless you grew up with brothers it can be difficult to know exactly how to approach certain situations. Even if you’ve had many brothers, it could still leave you wondering how to care for boys when they act out. Let’s go over some things you should know about raising up great boys.

Unlike girls, they will be intrigued by anything with wings or wheels. They can play for hours with things such as cars, planes, boats, bugs, trucks, and tools. I’m not saying they won’t enjoy other toys. I’m just saying don’t be surprised when your stock of cars go from three to thirty.

Boys energy is always through the roof. Ready yourself for a few years of fun filled, hard headed, nonstop moving. Especially in the toddler years, it seems as if from the moment they get up to the moment they fall asleep, (which can be anywhere), they are either on fast mode, or faster mode. Continue reading

Raising A Tween

Yes, you’ve made it through the terrible twos and childhood. Now you are coming to a new path, a path unknown. The preadolescence stage, also known as the tween years. They are too old for toys yet too young for the opposite sex. And you won’t be worrying about a tow truck towing their car just yet.

It’s an interesting phase, a beautiful one at that. Almost like a seed that you’ve so carefully planted and tended, is now going to blossom.

Personality is here! In their tweens, you will most likely see a burst of their originality or who they really are. They start becoming more of themselves. The way they talk, walk and dress all become real authentic. Keep the dress code negotiable, as long as the clothes are appropriate let the express themselves. Continue reading

Rookie Mistakes New Parents Make

Having a baby is so exciting. You’re over being pregnant and after a long nine months, they are finally here. You may be slightly nervous but most of all happy aren’t you? Just like cooking for your first time, you will more than likely make mistakes as first-time parents. Parenting is a skill that can be mastered. Read along to our rookie mistakes, so that hopefully, it helps you to be a better first-time parent. Just try to remember it, alright?

Don’t wake your baby up to check if they are alright or breathing. It can be a little scary knowing you are responsible for this little person’s life. So a natural instinct for us is to constantly check if our baby is alright. Are they breathing? They are so still…Yes! They are still because they are sleeping. If you are that concerned rest your hand lightly on their chest and you should be able to feel them breathing. Continue reading

Things I Was Never Told About My Newborn Baby

For parents, this may be a little funny, but when I had my first child I had so many questions. These questions went unanswered until I answered them myself. Like why my baby look like that right after I gave birth to her? Why isn’t she smiling or laughing yet? Maybe being a little more informed will have you, new parents, sitting on a platform of reassurance that I wish I had. You’re welcome. I’ll try my best to inform you a little about that bundle of joy that will constantly leave you thinking you are doing something wrong. Don’t worry, you’re not.

Baby will sometimes look a little funny after being born. Maybe their heads are in a weird and awkward shape, they seem to have fine hair everywhere, and a puffy face with gooey eyes. Cut your perfect baby a break. They have been in an amniotic sac for nine months and went through a tiny birth canal, so relax.

I just about got used to the fact that my new baby hated me. Continue reading