Bringing Up Boys

As a mother raising girls, it can be quite easy. You are able to recollect memories from your younger days to help you make some parenting decisions. But unless you grew up with brothers it can be difficult to know exactly how to approach certain situations. Even if you’ve had many brothers, it could still leave you wondering how to care for boys when they act out. Let’s go over some things you should know about raising up great boys.

Unlike girls, they will be intrigued by anything with wings or wheels. They can play for hours with things such as cars, planes, boats, bugs, trucks, and tools. I’m not saying they won’t enjoy other toys. I’m just saying don’t be surprised when your stock of cars go from three to thirty.

Boys energy is always through the roof. Ready yourself for a few years of fun filled, hard headed, nonstop moving. Especially in the toddler years, it seems as if from the moment they get up to the moment they fall asleep, (which can be anywhere), they are either on fast mode, or faster mode.

Moms and dads, I’ve got good news. Having boys and clothes shopping is as easy as pie. Boys clothes are way simpler than a girl and basically, everything goes with everything else making clothes shopping and getting dressed a piece of cake.

Keep in mind, boys will have a fascination with his private part. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. What you can do is make sure he understands hygiene and what is appropriate and whats not. Just roll with it, because they will grow out of it.

Being rough is just a boy thing. As a parent teach them how to be safe and how to act nicely to one another but remember that they have different hormones and chemicals in their body compared to a girl. They will get hurt, hit, or be hit. Try to be careful and proactive with your boys.

Potty training is a total opposite from girls. Pee can be everywhere. Prepare yourself for this stage and have a lot of Clorox wipes. They will eventually learn their range a bit better and even help you clean when they make messes.

Raising boys is a total three sixty difference from raising girls. But with these facts, you will be a little more ready to handle what is yet to come. Boys are a bundle of joy to have. Enjoy them as much as you can while they are small. They will fascinate you when they are older, having their own family.

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