Yes, you’ve made it through the terrible twos and childhood. Now you are coming to a new path, a path unknown. The preadolescence stage, also known as the tween years. They are too old for toys yet too young for the opposite sex. And you won’t be worrying about a tow truck towing their car just yet.

It’s an interesting phase, a beautiful one at that. Almost like a seed that you’ve so carefully planted and tended, is now going to blossom.

Personality is here! In their tweens, you will most likely see a burst of their originality or who they really are. They start becoming more of themselves. The way they talk, walk and dress all become real authentic. Keep the dress code negotiable, as long as the clothes are appropriate let the express themselves.

A lot of parents at this stage tend to step a little too much out of the picture thinking their tween knows what they want and what they are doing. They are racking up the independence point by the way. They might like to think so sometimes but remember. They will eventually make mistakes and with that, they will learn grand lessons. All they need are supportive parenting, patience, and a little faith that you believe in them.

They are learning intimacy and other social behaviors from you, the parents. So be very mindful and intentional of how you act and treat others. How we treat people on a daily basis will ultimately become normal for our little tweens so treat people the way you’d want to see your children treating others. They are also mirroring their father or mother as role models, even if they won’t admit it. It’s a natural maneuver that we all can easily overlook.

Children are exposed to a lot and understand more than you could ever imagine. That’s just a part of growing up. Don’t try to dumb down conversations because you think they won’t be able to grasp the concept. Challenge their thoughts and have debates. Don’t push off those hard conversations about sex, bullying, drugs, etc. Share with your young teenagers the good things, the hard things, and the important things in life. They will benefit more from honest knowledge than just belittling their potential.

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