Having a baby is so exciting. You’re over being pregnant and after a long nine months, they are finally here. You may be slightly nervous but most of all happy aren’t you? Just like cooking for your first time, you will more than likely make mistakes as first-time parents. Parenting is a skill that can be mastered. Read along to our rookie mistakes, so that hopefully, it helps you to be a better first-time parent. Just try to remember it, alright?

Don’t wake your baby up to check if they are alright or breathing. It can be a little scary knowing you are responsible for this little person’s life. So a natural instinct for us is to constantly check if our baby is alright. Are they breathing? They are so still…Yes! They are still because they are sleeping. If you are that concerned rest your hand lightly on their chest and you should be able to feel them breathing.

Next, on the list is buying too many newborn diapers or clothes. You may get so excited for your little one’s arrival that you go a little overboard with the shopping. You buy jammies, onesies, and everything cute in sight. And to your surprise a week or two later your baby can’t fit into any of the new clothes you bought. Invest your money in rather larger clothes. They will eventually fit into it and be able to wear it just a little but longer.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Period. Sleep deprivation is common with parents of babies. In the beginning, they only sleep a few hours before needing another feeding. For new parents, you would usually want to catch up on your favorite television show or watch that game you wanted to save for later. Late at night is not the time anymore. Catch the ZZZ’s when you can.

Never ever leave baby unattended on a platform such as a changing table. You may underestimate your little one and their strength to roll over or get up and it doesn’t take much for a scary fall. Use the straps of course but be extra careful whenever you leave your child unattended.

A common act for new parents is not accepting help. For some odd reason after having a blessing, we get overconfident and greedy and think we can do everything on our own. And there will be a day where you sleep all through your babies cries and they wreck the home. Luckily nothing happened. But you see that’s why we need our partners, friends, and family. Every bit of help counts and helps to take the stress and pressure off of the parents. You do a lot, and it’s great, but when everyone pitches in, it’s even better for baby.

Yes, mistakes will happen. Learn from them and grow into that wonderful set of parents you were meant to be. The last thing to remember is to cherish the moments. As a parent myself, I feel like I haven’t really cherished every moment I got with my child as a baby. I was always worried about the dishes being cleaned, or the laundry, or the nonsense stuff that don’t really matter. Enjoy the little moments as they come. For your baby will only be little, for a small period of time.

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