For parents, this may be a little funny, but when I had my first child I had so many questions. These questions went unanswered until I answered them myself. Like why my baby look like that right after I gave birth to her? Why isn’t she smiling or laughing yet? Maybe being a little more informed will have you, new parents, sitting on a platform of reassurance that I wish I had. You’re welcome. I’ll try my best to inform you a little about that bundle of joy that will constantly leave you thinking you are doing something wrong. Don’t worry, you’re not.

Baby will sometimes look a little funny after being born. Maybe their heads are in a weird and awkward shape, they seem to have fine hair everywhere, and a puffy face with gooey eyes. Cut your perfect baby a break. They have been in an amniotic sac for nine months and went through a tiny birth canal, so relax.

I just about got used to the fact that my new baby hated me.She never smiled at me or made any signs that she was even the slightest happy with her mother. It’s actually a fact that babies will only start this after about six weeks. Up until then they are learning, growing, and complaining. If you are lucky you will get the infamous sleeping happy baby that smiles and laughs on occasion.

For new parents, your baby will have a soft spot on the top of their head where the skull is still growing. It will pulse and you may be terrified of hurting your baby. But it’s perfectly fine. You do not need to avoid it at all costs, just handle with care. You can still touch the area and comb their hair.

Don’t freak out if your baby starts to have really dry skin, baby acne, or flaky skin. It’s normal. Grab a good baby lotion and make sure their skin is being lathered up. Usually, after the first month this tends to happen, but what did you expect? After being in liquid all of your nine months and then being in an airy environment will do that to you.

Newborn babies will cry, and cry, and cry. Don’t get frustrated. This is the only way your baby girl or boy can communicate with you. Go through the steps and try to sooth them of their discomfort. It is usually one of these so start knocking them out. They are probably hungry, sleepy, cold, uncomfortable, have a dirty diaper, or want to be cuddled.

The best tip of all is to just enjoy the time with your baby. As your first child, you might be more worried about if your baby ate enough, is comfortable, swaddled correctly, etc. I made the mistake of not fully enjoying the little things. Hold your baby and listen to their little heart beats. Smell your babies scent. Stare into your child’s eyes and see your own. Take the time to stop time itself and love every moment. Trust me they grow in a blink of an eye and if you aren’t careful you could miss out.

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